Distributors & Detailers

Our worldwide distribution and detailing network consists of the leading wholesalers in the car care sector as well as highly respected detailing specialists, proficient in the most sophisticated technologies.

Distributors & Detailers

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Authorised Distributors

Distributor - importer, major supplier and reseller of Gyeon Quartz products in the country or area.

Certified Detailer

Certified Detailer - professional, Gyeon-certified detailing studio matching the highest quality standards.


Reseller - online and walk in shops offering Gyeon Quartz products to retail customers.

Gyeon's certified detailing studios based on quality

Our certified detailer program

Gives you an opportunity to work with advanced, professional ceramic coating systems like Q² DuraFlex, Q²Mohs+ or Q²DuraBead. All come with 5 year warranties and this period represents a huge obligation and responsibility with respect to our customers.